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Quick Update

Monday, October 15th, 2012

I love to blog about fashion and jewelry. I even slip in a blog from time to time about beauty or travel. But, this one’s just a little bit different.

As a courtesy to my friends and followers, I wanted to give a quick update to let you know that I have left my position at JTV as Style & Trend Expert. JTV is a delightful company with an extremely talented staff. I had the best time working alongside the Hosts and Buying team to bring ‘Stratify’ to all of you. Your positive feedback made me incredibly proud of what we accomplished.

While that position came to an end, my love of jewelry and gemstone exploration never will. In fact, Paul and I are traveling to Brazil next month to film at a Drusy mine! I get to be both ‘talent’ and ‘videographer.’ Now THAT will be a good trick. (Okay, maybe I’ll put him on camera, too. ;))

You know I can never leave the shopping channel industry, right? So, stay tuned for the next chapter! Meanwhile, please keep in touch with me on Facebook here: and on Twitter here: (

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Have You Heard Of It?

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

Morganite! Do you know this mineral? It’s currently the number 1 selling gemstone in my “Stratify” Jewelry Collection on JTV. It’s related to, believe it or not,

the Emerald…. and the Aquamarine….

Even though their colors are completely different, they are all from the Beryl family of gems due to their similar trace elements and chemical make up.

Morganite is a spectacular looking gemstone displaying the most beautiful color of peachy pink tones. It’s name was changed from “Pink Beryl” to “Morganite” back in 1911 when it was named after the famous financier J.P. Morgan. He was not only a rock hound and collector of gems, but he invested much of his banking fortune into researching the types and whereabouts of gemstones worldwide.

If you’re at all intrigued and want to see more…..ganite  (ba dum bum), tune into to JTV, Jewelry Television, this Tuesday, Sept. 11th  from 7-8pm ET. We’ll be broadcasting our first fully devoted hour in “Stratify” to all Morganite jewelry! It’s going to be busy! See you then.

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Sporty Chic

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

My love of fitness has suddenly collided with my love of fashion! Oh happy day! And I don’t mean that we’re re-embracing sweat pants. (Pleeeease don’t go there!) No, I mean that the wonderful, powerful, attention-grabbing appeal of true athleticism has finally caught up with our love of everything stylish and chic.

I can’t tell you how many hours a week I spend in spandex! Sometimes it’s downright embarrassing. But, here’s how it happens. I wake up with the knowledge that at some point in my day, I’m going to work out. Be it tennis, treadmill, tummy-work, tumbling, trampoline …. well, you never know …. I just know one thing’s for certain, I’m going to need flexible clothes.

My best laid plans have me reading the paper over coffee and some form of bran cereal (again, best laid plans) with a work-out soon to follow. Before you know it, the dog needs walking; laundry needs folding; UPS needs a signature; my flowers need a drink; the phone needs answering; I forgot to buy half and half !!; checks need cashing; bills need paying … It’s 3:30 in the afternoon and I’M STILL WEARING SPANDEX!

Perhaps this is not exactly what designers had in mind when they put their Sporty Chic silhouettes on the Spring 2012 runways. The gym is one thing, The Four Seasons is another. But, I still love the fact that now my double white-striped black leggings only call for a pair of Jimmy Choos, and I’m good to go!

In the most practical of athletic mindsets, we must accessorize accordingly. The littlest of bling is necessary. (But then again, who said anything about necessities?) What do you think? Some Pink Morganite leverbacks for comfort and color? Or, perhaps some Citrine studs? There’s always that go-to pair of Barepani London Blue Topaz to kick it up a notch, or the White Sapphire studs for flair. (Click the photos for details)

These don’t get in the way of your leg lift/kick-backs; they add color to your otherwise “glowing” make-up-less face; they fill in the pierce of your otherwise adorned earlobes; and, if nothing else, they scream Sporty Chic. It’s every girl’s dream come true… an invitation to be fit, fabulous and comfortable. I say, let the games begin!

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The Return Of The Earring ~ Spring 2012

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

I’ve always referred to it as the most intimate piece of jewelry you wear, because it’s selected to be closest to your beautiful face. Now, designers are taking the importance of them to a whole new level with the Return Of The Earring for 2012. Soulful and sexy; flirty and colorful; movin’ and groovin,’ these dazzlers are turning (and framing) heads!

Some of us are thinking, “Wait just a minute. What’s so new? We’ve been down this road before.” Yes, but isn’t it fun?! Fashion loves to reinvent itself, and WE love when it does!

Some of the most famous faces in history were known for their glamorous lobes. It’s nice to know it’s ‘cool’ all over again.

So, what do you say we do a little shopping? If you want to duplicate the ‘looks,’ you’ve got to know where to go to find them. While my Stratify Collection isn’t on the runway……….. (yet!), I do have some great styles that would fit the bill for this current trend.  Take a look at these beauties, and see if  the colors, the gems, or the dangle styles strike your fancy. If so, click on the earring to see all the details. Happy shopping!

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Spring 2012 Fashion Trends

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

“Ehhh…verything’s coh…ming up roses…” It may have been back in ’59 when Gypsy Rose Lee hummed that tune, but 53 years later we’re having another affair with florals. 

Have you been shopping lately? Spring 2012 Fashion designers are having a field day! Fitted or flowing matters not as long as we’re talking flowers.

And, while we’re on the subject, you’ll notice that it’s tough to wear flowers without wearing color. Harper’s Bazaar highlighted the blues in their recent expose of Spring 2012 runway style. Think of your average garden, though, and you realize that all color combos are acceptable.

Accessorizing this trend is simple.. especially with my Stratify Collection! While the clothing may be expensive (it’s really painful to look at the price tags), the jewelry I’ll show you is not. Every single one of these rings featuring genuine Tanzanite, Amethyst, Blue Topaz and Garnet is priced at under $100, and many are closer to $79. (You can click on the image to read more about it) Become your own designer! Jump on these styles while the trend is hot, but own looks that will long outlast today’s garden variety splurge.

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Bright Spots

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Noticing a trend here?! Suddenly in the mood for a creamsicle? Or, perhaps another glass of orange juice?

The Pantone Color Institute has donned this, Tangerine Tango, ‘the 2012 Color Of The Year.’ It’s a vibrant, refreshing, BLAST of color with so much potential. Paired with lime or royal or (here’s another Pantone fave) solar yellow, you almost can’t go wrong with it.

Of course, you know me, never one to pass up an opportunity to talk about how fashion relates to  jewelry…. I thought I’d make some suggestions as to how you can wear this color other than in fabric.

I realize not everyone desires that red flair of attention, so here are some pretty pieces that can add that perk-me-up to your current wardrobe of navies, grays and whites. And, of course, your LBD could be completely transformed with these orange and red combos. Click on any of the photos for more information on where they are available.

I’m excited that, while black and white are always in-season, designers everywhere are thoroughly embracing the color-wheel. (I just painted my new kitchen “Audubon Russet,” and it’s so refreshingly fun!) :)

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Around The World In An Hour

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

After developing my photos from our recent trip to Tucson, I realized how many countries we had visited in a single afternoon! The South American tent took us to Peru.

The Madagascar tent showed us interesting fossils and the most beautiful Labradorite 

And yes, we went to Africa and Australia as well.

Not only do we have the opportunity to see the latest cuts or colors of beautiful gemstones, like these faceted opals from one of our favorite suppliers to Jewelry Television,

but we come to appreciate the laborious process of searching for these treasures.

You may tune in to a shopping channel and feel like you see an abundance of beautiful baubles. But from this perspective, we’re reminded that it takes many months (in some cases, years) to mine and sort them; cut and polish them; design and set them 

into magnificent pieces of wearable art.

The annual Tucson Show is not the end of the journey… it’s just the beginning. But, it IS the culmination of a lot of hard work!

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Calling All February Babies… And Then Some

Monday, January 9th, 2012

If you February Girls haven’t embraced your birthstone up ’til now, I have a funny feeling the worm is about to turn. WOW!! So, here’s the scoop….

African Amethyst is known for its deep, intense grape color tending to fluoresce red tones (Brazilian amethyst tends to fluoresce blue). The problem is, when you get into the larger carat weights, it can appear too dark, almost black (not attractive). The material we sourced for this ring (nearly 6 carats of genuine African Amethyst) is incredible. Day after tomorrow (Wed. 01/10/12) (obviously, this particular BLOG is time-sensitive), you can STEAL it (for UNDER $120!) on Jewelry Television…. but, it won’t even be on their website until then.

I am so excited about this that I hated to wait any longer to tell you. (I’ll probably get myself in trouble revealing it too soon) Anyway, we’ll introduce it at midnight tomorrow night (Tuesday night into Wednesday), and there are only 675 of them (FOR THE WHOLE COUNTRY)!

Good luck! (Oh, and did I mention that the yellow gemstones are genuine yellow sapphires????)

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ON-AIR (eastern time):

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11TH ~ midn-2am9am10amnoon-2pm8-10pm

Scrub-A-Dub Dub

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

When was the last time you cleaned your jewelry? We take the time to clean our clothes, our houses, our dogs (don’t ask me why I thought of that one… probably because my Springer “Brie” just got a bath), but cleaning our jewelry? Who has time? The truth is that all jewelry requires TLC for long-term wear and lasting beauty.

My advice for Storage: Take advantage of the individual compartments in a jewelry box, divided drawers or a travel pouch. Gemstones can scratch one another if they all get jumbled together. And, if you’re not careful to keep pieces separated from one another, they can even scratch the gold or silver settings.

My advice for Cleaning: Don’t overdo it, and don’t use steam cleaning or ultra-sonic cleaners. All you really need is a soft, lint-free cloth. That should do a fine job of keeping it free from surface dust and dirt on a daily basis. Should you find that it has dulled from accumulated soap or hand lotions, just swish it in a bath of  mild dishwashing liquid and warm water. Rinse, and make sure you always dry it well … away from the drain.

Keep in mind that in some cases, like with my Stratify and Blooming Jewels Collections on JTV, some gemstones are set with an adhesive instead of with prongs. (This is common practice with opaques or cabochons like turquoise or lapis) Therefore, it’s smart not to leave your jewelry in water or a liquid jewelry cleaner for an extended period of time.

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Style and Trend Jewelry Expert

I’ll Have A Blue (After) Christmas Without These!

Monday, December 26th, 2011

4.18 carats of Barehipani London Blue Topaz. Couldn’t you just SWIM in their color? The incredible London blue stones in these stud earrings are princess-cut and angled like diamonds in their 18 kt gold over Sterling Silver setting.

From my Stratify Collection on, they are named after the beautiful Barehipani Falls in India where the water pools into colors of blue like no other.

But, the best part is they’re marked down from a normal $49.99 price to this week’s Holiday Clearance Sale price of $29.99!

And, should you desire something borrowed or something blue to wear on the hand? Try this Barehipani London Blue ring on for size. 1.28 carats are represented in this delicate, sweet ring featuring a center marquise-cut London Blue Topaz with channel set princess-cut White Topaz gems on either side. A whopping $49.99 is our new “Countdown to 2012″ price. (Sizes are available in 6-10)

Join me on Thursday and Friday this week for my Stratify shows only on Jewelry Television. Look for the JTV logo in the lower left side of your screen, and you’ll know you’re in the right place.

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Thursday, December 29th 3-6pm and 10p-midnight EST

Friday, December 30th 10a-noon EST