January 31st: Not so “New Year” Anymore

Resolutions? Yes, not to feel achy, feverish and down-right blah. Head hurts, muscles are sore, nose is red and even things hot… a bath, mint tea, my husband… aren’t doing the trick. I’m miserable.

Paul left for Minnesota again this morning after buying these. (I can’t even believe I’m showing you this. I am a fright!!)

Yes, he went out and bought a 25-pack (“Twenty-five??!!” He said it was all they had) of these face masks to wear on his flight back to ShopNBC today. I would imagine he’ll fly home in one on Sunday all chipper and cured of his cold just so we can turn around on Tuesday and fly, wearing them of course (after all, we have 25!!), to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. (We’ll be the ones on the plane looking like we really ought to be quarantined)

Who knows, maybe we’ll start a Fashion Trend for Flyers. Perhaps wearing them even ought to be a law! And, with all of this down time on my hands, I think I’ll get out the markers and start drawing. A nice set of red lips would look good on my mask, don’t you think? (Or, should I put them on Paul’s? ha) That’ll let the world know that I know I look ridiculous, but that I’m gladly doing my part to maintain a germ-free zone. Other passengers may even ask if we have extras. (Suddenly, 25 doesn’t sound like nearly enough)

Just remember, even in a face mask…

Always Rock Your Full Potential ~

~ Judy

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3 Responses to “January 31st: Not so “New Year” Anymore”

  1. Joyce Tilli says:

    Judy you look great even sick. How do you do that.
    Sorry to say though I don’t think it will catch on as a fashion trend when flying,
    A pair of lips might help.
    Feel better soon

  2. silva st germain says:

    Know how you fell .After 5 days I think I might be human again Doc said not flu rotobug going around. hope you are better soon

  3. Shawn says:

    Judy I agree with Joyce. You look great even when you’re sick. Just remember that we love you and we hope you feel better soon. Also I think you should start a fashion trend with these masks. haha!!! Let me know what you think.

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