Huddle Up!

During football season, these concepts are all too familiar: tackle, rush, defense, toss, tight-end, blocking, kick, forward, punt, pass and interception. (yawn!) BUT, Style Mavens unite!! You, too, can embrace the rest of the season with a strategy that requires no trades and has nothing to do with fantasy. Huddle up! It’s GAME DAY, so let’s PLAY!!

TACKLE the season with gusto. Color is in the spotlight, so don’t shy away. Embrace these!

The colors of garnet and raspberry, emerald and clover, turquoise and ocean are hot hot hot! So, RUSH to your closet for those hidden gems you’ve been ignoring. Even if you don’t dress in color head-to-toe, at least think ‘color’ when choosing jewelry and scarves.  You’ll feel younger and more refreshed wearing pretty tones during these shortened, drab days of fall and winter.

In your DEFENSE, change is terribly tough. But, if things don’t fit, don’t fight it…. TOSS them! You never feel your best in things too baggy OR too TIGHT-end (okay, that was a stretch),  things too short OR too young! Why do you think God invented daughters and consignment shops?! Give! Donate! Sell! Get them out of your closet! HUT HUT! HUT!

Remember when color-blocking was all the rage? Well, now we’re BLOCKING with leather and lace. Dresses, jackets and tops this year are artfully accented. Add them to your repertoire. Never has daytime-to-dinner looked so good.

KICK it up a notch with an idea borrowed from your man. The suit! No wonder he’s never late in the morning. He doesn’t have to think!?! The pants match the jacket match the shoes match the belt match the coffee…..  Aaaand, he’s out the door!  Now, for women they’re baaaaaaack! (…thankfully, designed a lot more creatively (and femininely) than those we wore in the 80′s. Phew!)

Be FORWARD thinking and don’t let the season PASS without a cool pair of boots. Nothing says smart and chic or comfort and style like boots. Leggings? Perfect for boots. Skinny jeans? MADE for boots. Skirts with tights? Boots! Dresses with fishnets? I think you get the idea. Pair them with boooooots!!!!!

Still not sure what to wear? Just PUNT! You can’t go too terribly wrong with the relaxed rules of fashion these days. Just look at Miley Cyrus. Uh, …. yeah. On second thought (I think I’ve just found my final football analogy) … now THERE’S a case in need of a serious style INTERCEPTION! Well?!? I’m just sayin’.

Remember to … Always rock your full potential! Hut! Hut! Clap! BREAK! Grunt! Now, go get ‘em! (especially those boots!!)

~ Judy

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10 Responses to “Huddle Up!”

  1. margie says:

    thanks judy,i do love fashion.Can not wait for JOYA to be on,that is shophq,janurary10-15 right?

  2. Shawn says:

    Judy we just love your football analogy you used in this article. Like you always say it’s all about accerising. In other words making sure colors go together. An example would be bright neon colors with some of your new jewelry that’s coming out. I’m sure you’ll have some turquoise and bright seafoam greens and other bright colors for Spring. These colors in your new jewelry will match tank tops and bright shorts or whatever anyone wants to wear for Spring. Congratulations Judy and we’ll look for your show between January 10-15.

  3. Jonathan Swartz says:

    I agree. People have to do what’s best for them. I have pulled my winter boots out of the closet as it is already snowing here in the mountains. Our area also takes clothing donations this time of year, so I might be doing that as well.

  4. margie says:

    judy,are those your pieces “joya” at shophq? I orders the silver and black long earrings.

  5. admin says:

    Hi Margie – Yes, my JOYA by Judy Crowell pieces are up on now. I love those earrings you bought and I wear them quite a lot. I think you’ll even recognize them in the photo of me in the Huddle Up blog.

  6. margie says:

    yes I did see them on you that is why I had to have them,got them yesterday and I love,love them, thank you so much.

  7. Shawn says:

    Judy I tried looking for your new line of jewelry on but I couldn’t find anything. I think your new collection will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your new line of Jewelry and we wish you the best!!!!!

  8. margie says:

    judy I love your beautiful phone case,is that “JOYA”?

  9. Sophia says:

    Hi Judy
    I absolutely adore all of your fashion and jewelry. I love your pieces regardless if their big or petite. I usually wear both gold and silver. I miss your days at Q. But I’m thrilled that your new line will air in a few weeks. I have a special request and inquiries on some of your products. Would it be possible to bring back your Stratify Fleur de lis ring, it’s a beautiful ring. Also any chances on your clothing line returning, I fell in love with your faux ruffle leather jacket. And I also must agree with the other lady Your phone case is just so colorful. Thank for your beautiful pieces and sharing. Happy New Year and will patiently will for your new line!

  10. admin says:

    Lovely post, Sophia! I’m soooo excited about my new line, too. It’s been YEARS in the works…. YEARS to get to this point. I really hope the customers respond and love it!! The Stratify line is exclusive to JTV, so I won’t be duplicating that ring in my line. That’s not to say that I don’t have OTHER fleur-de-lis designs in mind, though. (I’m actually in the process of approving one design right now) I’m glad you bought the ruffle jacket. SO CUTE! Right now, my focus is strictly on my new jewelry designs, but never-say-never to other accessories. I would love for JOYA to be HUGE!!! Such fun.

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