And The Envelope Please….

Well, I guess it’s been official for awhile now. They’ve said “Move over Tangerine Tango! You’re no longer the star of the show.” (P.S. Aren’t they a year behind? Wasn’t Tangerine Tango oh so 2012?) Yes, even 2013′s Emerald Green has been told to step aside (and, I refuse to let go of either one of them!)

Turns out ( and I DO hope you’re sitting down) that while the Chinese say it’s the Year Of The Horse, the official word from the color Guru that is PANTONE is that this is the Year Of The Orchid. Have you bought into this yet? After all, Spring is less than one month away! Radiant Orchid Not just any orchid, mind you. The color should be referred to as “Radiant Orchid,” if you please.

You may already be a lover of this ‘lovely’ color. And, I agree that it looks great on a flower. But, what makes me happy are all the other colors we can interpret from this news. (Are you getting the sense that I’m not a big fan? Maybe I’ll feel better about it when the warm weather rolls back around SOON?????)

Of course, there are some gemstones that might help us comply even if we can’t all embrace the orchid that is “radiance.”  Take a look and see what you think.

Rose Quartz Purple Opal Lavender Quartz

ROSE QUARTZ                  PURPLE OPAL              LAVENDER QUARTZ

And, for those of us who like to push the envelope just a little….                                       There now, can’t you just see the orchidness in these beauties?!

Rhodonite Blue Lace Agate Rutilated Quartz


Alright, I tried.  In all fairness, I have actually hung onto a lavender, okay orchid, suit that I bought back in the 90′s. It still fits, looks like new and makes me feel amazing every time I put it on. Perhaps I’m suddenly glad it’s the year of the orchid. I can put some more mileage on that thing with the “but, it’s the Pantone Color of The Year!” excuse. (And, THEN it goes to the Consignment Shop once and for all!)

In all that you do, remember to …                                                                                    Always rock your full potential ~

My best ~ Judy


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5 Responses to “And The Envelope Please….”

  1. Elle says:

    Love it – makes me feel happy after this dreary winter!

  2. Jonathan Swartz says:

    I think it’s the year of the orchid as well. Orchids are so beautiful to look at, and I see them when I go to my local gem show every year.

  3. Shawn says:

    Very well put since Orchids make us think of Spring. A lot of us are ready for Spring with the rough Winter we’ve had and your article has put us in a very good mood.. We see Orchids everywhere we go like Garden shows our home specialty stores and elsewhere.

  4. margie says:

    love the color orchid but like you Judy can not give up other colors-guess it is because I look good in those colors.

  5. Yvonne Ciccone says:

    Judy, so glad I found you. Use to watch you on QVC. Miss the old crew. Everything is new except some of the old ones like Mary Beth, Jane and David.. So happy for you and Paul. Hoe everything is fine. Good luck in your products. One of these days I will buy something.. Like the square rings.

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