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What Are You Wearing?

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

If it’s 10 pm when you read this, the answer is probably “your p.j.s.” And, if it’s 10 am, your answer might range from spandex to a suit! But, I don’t mean what are you wearing NOW, like right this MINUTE ….. I mean jewelry-wise, help me out, what are you wearing? What do you grab to accessorize? And, what is your jewelry box missing?

I ask because my jewelry line will debut this fall, and I want to know what you like.

Demure? Bold?

Silver? Gold?

New? Old?

Warm? Sorry.

If you lead a life on the run (kids, travel, business, PTA, volunteer, pet-rescue, fund-raising) or a life of leisure (golf, tennis, crosswords, travel, books, grandchildren), jewelry is sometimes that last-minute, grab what you wore yesterday kind of routine.

But, I have found lately (being a woman who leads both of those lives) that when I put a teeny-bit more time into my closet the night before, not thinking only about what I’m going to wear cloth-wise, but how I’m going to accessorize that cloth, that I end up feeling prettier, more confident and more ‘finished’ than when I don’t.

I’m on both Facebook and Twitter, and plan to keep you updated as to when and where my jewelry can be found. I can’t wait to hear your feedback, and I can’t wait to see pictures of you wearing it!

You know my motto … (and soon, it will mean even more!)

Always ‘rock’ your full potential ~


Sporty Chic

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

My love of fitness has suddenly collided with my love of fashion! Oh happy day! And I don’t mean that we’re re-embracing sweat pants. (Pleeeease don’t go there!) No, I mean that the wonderful, powerful, attention-grabbing appeal of true athleticism has finally caught up with our love of everything stylish and chic.

I can’t tell you how many hours a week I spend in spandex! Sometimes it’s downright embarrassing. But, here’s how it happens. I wake up with the knowledge that at some point in my day, I’m going to work out. Be it tennis, treadmill, tummy-work, tumbling, trampoline …. well, you never know …. I just know one thing’s for certain, I’m going to need flexible clothes.

My best laid plans have me reading the paper over coffee and some form of bran cereal (again, best laid plans) with a work-out soon to follow. Before you know it, the dog needs walking; laundry needs folding; UPS needs a signature; my flowers need a drink; the phone needs answering; I forgot to buy half and half !!; checks need cashing; bills need paying … It’s 3:30 in the afternoon and I’M STILL WEARING SPANDEX!

Perhaps this is not exactly what designers had in mind when they put their Sporty Chic silhouettes on the Spring 2012 runways. The gym is one thing, The Four Seasons is another. But, I still love the fact that now my double white-striped black leggings only call for a pair of Jimmy Choos, and I’m good to go!

In the most practical of athletic mindsets, we must accessorize accordingly. The littlest of bling is necessary. (But then again, who said anything about necessities?) What do you think? Some Pink Morganite leverbacks for comfort and color? Or, perhaps some Citrine studs? There’s always that go-to pair of Barepani London Blue Topaz to kick it up a notch, or the White Sapphire studs for flair. (Click the photos for details)

These don’t get in the way of your leg lift/kick-backs; they add color to your otherwise “glowing” make-up-less face; they fill in the pierce of your otherwise adorned earlobes; and, if nothing else, they scream Sporty Chic. It’s every girl’s dream come true… an invitation to be fit, fabulous and comfortable. I say, let the games begin!

Styling Your Full Potential ~


The Return Of The Earring ~ Spring 2012

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

I’ve always referred to it as the most intimate piece of jewelry you wear, because it’s selected to be closest to your beautiful face. Now, designers are taking the importance of them to a whole new level with the Return Of The Earring for 2012. Soulful and sexy; flirty and colorful; movin’ and groovin,’ these dazzlers are turning (and framing) heads!

Some of us are thinking, “Wait just a minute. What’s so new? We’ve been down this road before.” Yes, but isn’t it fun?! Fashion loves to reinvent itself, and WE love when it does!

Some of the most famous faces in history were known for their glamorous lobes. It’s nice to know it’s ‘cool’ all over again.

So, what do you say we do a little shopping? If you want to duplicate the ‘looks,’ you’ve got to know where to go to find them. While my Stratify Collection isn’t on the runway……….. (yet!), I do have some great styles that would fit the bill for this current trend.  Take a look at these beauties, and see if  the colors, the gems, or the dangle styles strike your fancy. If so, click on the earring to see all the details. Happy shopping!

Styling Your Full Potential ~


I’ll Have A Blue (After) Christmas Without These!

Monday, December 26th, 2011

4.18 carats of Barehipani London Blue Topaz. Couldn’t you just SWIM in their color? The incredible London blue stones in these stud earrings are princess-cut and angled like diamonds in their 18 kt gold over Sterling Silver setting.

From my Stratify Collection on, they are named after the beautiful Barehipani Falls in India where the water pools into colors of blue like no other.

But, the best part is they’re marked down from a normal $49.99 price to this week’s Holiday Clearance Sale price of $29.99!

And, should you desire something borrowed or something blue to wear on the hand? Try this Barehipani London Blue ring on for size. 1.28 carats are represented in this delicate, sweet ring featuring a center marquise-cut London Blue Topaz with channel set princess-cut White Topaz gems on either side. A whopping $49.99 is our new “Countdown to 2012″ price. (Sizes are available in 6-10)

Join me on Thursday and Friday this week for my Stratify shows only on Jewelry Television. Look for the JTV logo in the lower left side of your screen, and you’ll know you’re in the right place.

Styling Your Full Potential ~



Thursday, December 29th 3-6pm and 10p-midnight EST

Friday, December 30th 10a-noon EST

All Set for Summer

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Check out these “hotties” in their new hats!!!!  What a perfect choice for all those outdoor graduation ceremonies this month!

You, too, can buy one to ‘top off’ your summer. Just click on the SHOP tab at the top of this website. And then, click on the hat photo to watch the video.

If you know (or don’t know) your hat size, write to me on Facebook like Vicki did (she’s the one to the right with her four-legged friend, Jack) and I’ll help answer your questions.

Wear it while at a concert; on the beach; at a picnic; on vacation; at pool parties; at outdoor bar-b-ques; traveling in your RV or just because you’re having a bad hair day!! :)    P.S. Because of the height of the crown, the hat won’t mash down your hair …. that is, if you’re concerned about having volume later in the day. But, just remember…..

“…  you can leave your hat on!”  bah-da-bah bah bah

Yours in Good Taste ~ Judy

Fashionable, Flirty and Fun

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Perfect Summer Cowboy Hat

The start of Memorial Day Weekend has begun. Yeehah! That means that summer is nearly upon us… nice weather, outdoor parties, vacation plans, sun, sun and more sun.

Top off your sundress with the ultimate accessory… this western embellished cowboy hat from the Judy Crowell Collection. All hand-made, this one-size-fits-most fashion statement is picnic-perfect! And should your plans call for a beach day instead, don’t fret about your hair. Plop on your cowboy hat, and you’ll look wonderful knowing that it compliments your bathing suit.

The air flows through the top so you won’t get hot, making it the ideal choice for sitting in the stands watching the kids on the playing field. And, it’s obviously great for all ages. Doesn’t Mom look terrific?!

Click on the top photo to learn more about getting one for yourself! You can even watch a video presentation to get more of the fit and fabulous details. Ya’ll be safe this weekend; have fun; and go out there lookin’ good!

~ Judy