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January 31st: Not so “New Year” Anymore

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Resolutions? Yes, not to feel achy, feverish and down-right blah. Head hurts, muscles are sore, nose is red and even things hot… a bath, mint tea, my husband… aren’t doing the trick. I’m miserable.

Paul left for Minnesota again this morning after buying these. (I can’t even believe I’m showing you this. I am a fright!!)

Yes, he went out and bought a 25-pack (“Twenty-five??!!” He said it was all they had) of these face masks to wear on his flight back to ShopNBC today. I would imagine he’ll fly home in one on Sunday all chipper and cured of his cold just so we can turn around on Tuesday and fly, wearing them of course (after all, we have 25!!), to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. (We’ll be the ones on the plane looking like we really ought to be quarantined)

Who knows, maybe we’ll start a Fashion Trend for Flyers. Perhaps wearing them even ought to be a law! And, with all of this down time on my hands, I think I’ll get out the markers and start drawing. A nice set of red lips would look good on my mask, don’t you think? (Or, should I put them on Paul’s? ha) That’ll let the world know that I know I look ridiculous, but that I’m gladly doing my part to maintain a germ-free zone. Other passengers may even ask if we have extras. (Suddenly, 25 doesn’t sound like nearly enough)

Just remember, even in a face mask…

Always Rock Your Full Potential ~

~ Judy

In Need Of A “Pink”-Me-Up

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Feeling underwhelmed, lately, by your fashion choices? Uninspired when you open your closet? It may not be that your clothes are tired. It may just be that you keep putting them together the same old way. It’s time to change it up a bit for Spring.

1) Try using belts differently… instead of always through the belt loops, put them on the outside of a tee or a sweater. Try even crisscrossing two thin belts over one another for added texture.
2) Layer two tanks together to wear underneath a blazer instead of just wearing one.
3) If you loved scarves for their warmth (and their look) last season, break out some of your lighter-weight ones and use them this season. Color up next to the face is always flattering. And,
4) Instead of that same ole’ (when all else fails) black blazer, treat yourself to a pretty sherbet pink or pistachio green one. Pastels are hot this season, and that will quickly update your look. See the Judy Crowell Collection on for fresh new options.

Consider this, too. We seem to leave plenty of time to style our hair and put on makeup, but then we hear that clock ticking and panic sets in. “Aaah, what am I going to wear?” We grab the first thing we can find, throw it on, and we’re out the door.

Solution? If you give yourself back some of that “getting ready” time when selecting your clothes and accessories, you’ll find that you feel much better about yourself and your look all day long. It’s that “pulled together, in control” feeling that brings out the best in all of us.

Queen Bea, The Home Shopping Queen, Gets Ahold Of Me

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Over the last 20 years, Judy Crowell has worked as a host at both QVC and HSN, launched her own fashion collection on ShopNBC, and also married former host and current gem vendor, Paul Deasy. She is most certainly home shopping royalty.

During our recent talk, Queen Bea and Judy ended up discussing everything from why she has a real coffin in the garage to what she really thinks of those new “stripped down” Kirk’s Folly sets … not to mention how she practically had to burn down her house before finally “marrying smart!”

For those of you who have followed Judy over the years, across the networks, and through all her ups and downs, I think you will find her even more endearing. So pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the read!

QB: As a “military brat,” you were raised all around the world–4 countries and 12 states to be exact! Do you think the constant moving and having to meet new people all the time helped prepare you for hosting and being a vendor? How did your multicultural upbringing affect your sense of style?

JC: There’s no question that my upbringing helped prepare me for my future in home shopping. I feel able to relate to customers of all lifestyles and all cultures because of my experiences living and traveling all over the world. In watching fashion shows, I always appreciate the designer’s extra touches that ‘borrow’ from other cultures. I also love designers’ takes on other eras. (I sometimes feel I was born in the wrong era, as I love the romantic styles of the past.)

Get Fit with Judy!

QB: What is your current fitness program? How is it different from what you used to do with the “Get Fit with Judy” show? Any plans to do anything in the fitness industry?

JC: Would you believe I have a fitness book already written and just sitting on my computer??!!! I know I need to get it published. I think there’s this fear that no one will find it interesting. It’s a combination of my own personal road to finding fitness and completely changing my body to suggestions on how to incorporate various workouts into your own life. I also touch on the importance of food; the types of foods that are good for you; why certain diets are dangerous, etc.

My fitness routine is pretty much the same as when I hosted “Get Fit with Judy.” I loved that show, and I was honored that QVC granted me a good two year run with it.

QB: You must, must, must tell me all about your engagement ring! Most people don’t have a gem expert picking out their ring……..

For the full article, visit

Lucky Number – 13 Days, And Counting

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

The debut of my new Spring Collection happens on Friday, April 2nd on the shopping channel, ShopNBC! I wanted to give you a sneak peek at some of the styles of which I’m so proud. There are blazers like these to compliment your jeans, trousers, skirts and blouses. And, just wait until you feel the fabrics.

I’m proud to be introducing some of the coolest new materials thanks to advanced technology using polymer fibers. While they look and feel like leather and suede, they’re actually lighter in weight; require less maintenance- no dry cleaning!; don’t involve animals; and, cost significantly less.

And, to prepare you for those April showers and cool Spring nights, check out these darling water resistant jackets! The colors are fresh and flattering; the lengths are perfect to cover not just the hips, but other blazers and sweaters beneath them; and the material, a bonded poly satin, is machine washable! Not all of them are available yet, but if you click on these photos, you can keep track of them. As soon as they do become available, you can order them directly on

New York, New York

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Temperature’s are still chilly up in New York, but my Design Team was on fire! I just got back from a whirlwind couple of days in the Big Apple working on styles and colors for my Fall Collection.

The Judy Crowell Spring Collection launches on April 2nd. Look for periwinkle blues, apple greens and graphite grays to walk the ShopNBC-TV runways that day.

As for Fall, I don’t know what’s more exciting …the styles or the colors. There are some beautiful eggplant purples, golden wheats, chocolate browns and ruby reds on the horizon. Scrumptious! We pulled swatches; cut and pasted detail elements; and, sized up fabrics. You should see some of the amazing new materials being developed due to high tech innovations. The look and feel of leather and suede without the high cost OR the expensive care treatments; the look and feel of wool without the itch; and, the look and feel of fur without any animal elements whatsoever. It’s exciting stuff!

Spring Fever

Monday, February 15th, 2010

It’s been one of the coldest winters on record here in Florida (giving us a chance to wear something with sleeves for a change!) And, in other parts of the country, the winter storms have been brutal. My back aches for those of you still digging out of the snow banks! I remember those days well.Picture_26

So, if you’ve got a serious case of Spring Fever, gaze at the image above and imagine yourself on vacation in somewhere warm and tropical. Aren’t the colors refreshing? (I’m now on a jag to go to Bora Bora after renting Couples Retreat last night! Looks spectacular!)

My stylist, Connie, created this look using a cute clutch from the Judy Crowell Collection on Visit Polyvore to see where she found the other pieces to create “the look.” Have faith! Spring is just around the corner giving us more wonderful reasons to be inspired.

Chic And Sophisticated

Friday, February 5th, 2010


How often do we anguish over the age-old monologue “I have nothing to wear?”  “What is appropriate for this interview; that business meeting; my luncheon?” “I’m bored.” “I need a pick-me-up.” “I feel out-dated.”

If you resemble this remark… heed the advice in the photo above from my Fashion Stylist, Connie. For the cute crackle-finish clutch, go to  Click on the picture, or visit for everything else.

From your very own, personal, “I-do-believe-in-being-fashionable,” “I-do-believe-in-being-fashionable” Guide ~  Judy

For The Girls On Your List

Monday, November 30th, 2009

ShopNBC Shawl Graphic

If you’re looking  to give inexpensive, but greatly appreciated, gifts this year, here are some good suggestions.   A Colorful Scarf – (yes, it’s a shameless plug for a pretty scarf on from the Judy Crowell Collection) Let’s face it, they are always useful; add color to your face; and, are good for a woman/girl of any age.  Perhaps, most important?  They’re never the wrong size!ShopNBC Scarf Graphic

A Gift Card – If you know her pretty well, then you’ll know where to get the card. You already know where she shops (She’s always sharing her great finds with you from those sources). There’s also the gift card to a great restaurant; a day at a Spa; or, one to get a massage (try Massage Envy where you can buy a massage for $39. I know I’d sure appreciate that).

A Gift Certificate to the Movies – My darling mother-in-law has 7 children and 18 grandchildren, so she gives us each $10 at Christmas. She knows it’s hardly enough for a theater ticket, so she calls it our popcorn money. I look forward to that gift every year!

A Daytime/Evening Clutch – If you see her out at parties, or at lunch on a Saturday, and she’s struggling with her massive tote from the work week, you can probably assume she doesn’t have something smaller, more convenient to carry. You can’t get much of any quality for $29, but this season, check out My Judy Crowell Collection clutch in black or champagne is large enough for a full size wallet AND your cell phone, but small enough to be lightweight and chic.ShopNBC Clutch black GraphicShopNBC Clutch Graphic

ShopNBC Clutch Interior Graphic

ShopNBC Gemstone book GraphicA Colored Gemstones book by Paul Deasy – And, there’s that magic number again … under $30. This is a coffee table book that anyone would enjoy (well, unless they’re not of legal age), and especially those trying to decipher what in the world they inherited in their grandmother’s jewelry box!

A 2-Pack of Ahhh Seamless Leisure Bras – Rhonda Shear has given women a reason to celebrate in comfort. If you decide to buy these for your Mom, daughter or a good friend, you’d better get a pack for yourself. Great color options make them  less underwear-like and more fashion-like, and there’s an easy fitting sizing selection. They’re so forgiving, you can’t buy the wrong size!Style Tricks Graphic

Fashion Advice GraphicAnd, the truth is, if you’re really stuck? (And, some years are just like that) It can just be what you say in a card that means the most!