About Judy Crowell

A student of jewelry design for nearly 3 decades, Judy has enjoyed sharing her knowledge and expertise with customers who share her passion… for life, for style and for JOYA. “It’s important to me that women are encouraged to look and feel their best,” Judy says. “My motto is ‘Rock Your Full Potential,’ because I believe that all of us have incredible potential, and I love to see when a woman realizes hers.”

Judy knows that her jewelry can play a role in that confidence. “It makes her shine,” she says. “The right pair of earrings or choice of necklace can catapult a woman’s outfit to the next level. She looks good. She knows it. And when she walks out that door, her confidence glows.” Designing the JOYA by Judy Crowell™ Collection has been a labor of love and one of Judy’s greatest accomplishments. “I’m proud,” she says. And then adds with a smile, “it’s been a joya-ful ride!”